Virsec Security Platform

Virsec Security Platform stops known and unknown threats across any application on any platform with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Host Protection

Prevents evasive breaches, attacks, and threats targeting mission-critical applications without threat hunting, integrated intelligence, or false positives.

Memory Protection

Virsec stops memory-based attacks regardless of the vector in real-time, securing application workloads at the lowest

Web Application Security

Powerful protection for your full application stack Strongest defense for unpatched vulnerabilities, OWASP risks, & MITRE Top 25


Protect Your Application
Workloads from the Inside

Network or endpoint security isn’t enough against today’s threats.
Virsec stops known and unknown threats, delivering unprecedented
speed and accuracy, while simplifying your security operations.

Cloud Workload Protection

Gartner recognizes Virsec in a select group of Cloud Workload Protection vendors that provide effective memory and process integrity protection. Virsec was built for the cloud and protects applications in any environment – cloud, container, distributed or hybrid.

Enterprise Application Protection

Secures all your apps: Custom, Web, COTS, ERP, Legacy, SCADA Protects at all layers: Host, Memory, Web, Processes, Files Deploys in any environment: On-Prem, Hybrid, Cloud, Container, Serverless

Legacy Applications Protection

Virsec protects to any application, regardless of its age or platform. By mapping and enforcing authorized code execution, Virsec prevents exploits even if legacy apps contain vulnerabilities.


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