Generative AI Solutions

Our team offers Data/AI Strategy consulting, implementation, and developing custom AI solutions and models based on customer need.

Sparkflows: Self-Service AI+Gen AI Data Platform. We assist customers with ETL for LLM (feed structured & unstructured data). MLOps – Model serving, model drift detections, model comparison


Data/AI Strategy Consulting

We assist organizations in developing a robust data and AI strategy that aligns with their business objectives. Our experts analyze your current data and AI landscape, identify gaps, and provide strategic recommendations to ensure you’re collecting the right data and using it effectively to drive decision-making, as well as the right AI governance and infrastructure to facilitate AI implementation.

AI Implementation

We guide businesses through the process of implementing AI solutions, from selecting the right tools and technologies to integrating them into existing workflows. Our team ensures a smooth transition, minimizing disruption and maximizing the benefits of AI.

Generative AI Solutions

We specialize in developing and implementing generative AI models that can help businesses innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it’s creating new designs, predicting future trends, or automating analytics, decision support systems, and content creation, our generative AI solutions can unlock new possibilities.

Our team can develop custom AI solutions tailored to the business requirements.

Monetizing Data through SaaS Route: Currently developing a solution for a freight forwarder to facilitate route optimization AI service.

Load Information Management: Load Information Extraction, Payment Validation, Document Processing using LLM, Payment Aging and Alerts

Corrections Interview Analytics: Developing a POC for Corrections Interview Analytics


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