SQA Services

Infobahn’s Testing as a Service gives you customized, intuitive testing approaches and quality assurance methods tailored to your business needs, and you get them without having to invest in the necessary overhead or manpower yourself. We offer a comprehensive choice of technologies and toolsets, as well as services ranging from test strategy and coverage planning through execution and delivery of high-value reusable components. Infobahn’s Testing as a Service solution includes:

Flexible testing options

Infobahn can support any development lifecycle with processes and methods adapted and implemented in any toolset or combination of tools. Our services align with your needs in a straightforward plug-n-play model of results-driven partnership.

Specialized Testing

Infobahn’s experts have background covering a wide range of testing chores over an equally wide range of industries. Our specialties:

Security Testing ensures your system

Security Testing ensures your system meets necessary security policies and requirements. Understand your threat environment, identify what information you need to protect, and let Infobahn create the security solution that meets your needs.

Usability Testing assesses the usability of your applications and interfaces to ensure a user-friendly solution for your stakeholders.

Product Testing spans multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, supply chain management, education, real estate, retail, manufacturing and telecommunications. The well-rounded Infobahn solution includes functional, integration and business-process testing.

Regulatory Compliance Testing regulatory requirements of a general or industry-specific nature, such as PCI, SOX, FDA, FCC, FAA, HIPAA, ICD-10.

Agile Testing and Test-driven Development: Our agile testing methodology is specifically designed to overcome integration problems that the usual methods overlook.


Benefits you gain from Infobahn’s Testing as a Service offering will touch your users, your customers, your corporate image and your bottom line.

Save money. On average, Infobahn’s Testing as a Service reduces test planning time by 25 percent and cuts maintenance by 50 percent, while increasing coverage by 33% — while reducing

Avoid the high cost of defects, delays and rework from poor quality software.

Reduce implementation expense with a cost-effective testing option that can quickly ramp up and support your needs.

Improve efficiency and accuracy through Infobahn’s proven testing methodologies and processes that increase test coverage by 33 percent.

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