Healthcare Solutions

Infobahn is committed to the future of healthcare and has helped develop a comprehensive set of medication management tools (RxNetwork) that enable both Providers and Pharmacies to communicate and collaborate seamlessly in real time. This helps the care team to monitor of all phases of treatment, resulting in increased patient adherence and improved health outcomes.

Key features of the RxNetwork tools are:

  • Include the Pharmacy as part of the care team
  • Enable a single view of the patient for the Care Team members in real-time
  • Influence patient behavior to increase adherence and improve treatment
  • Monitor medication usage to support medication reconciliation


Adaptive Scheduler & Task Manager enables the Care Team to set up a medication schedule and create recurring positive behavior tasks.

Monitoring Medication Center that captures daily medication data, biometric readings, side effects, and other events proactively — then broadcasts all to the Care Team.

Educational Resources dispense learning assistance for medications, disease state, and health condition in text, visual, and video formats.

Incentives, Rewards, & Promotions that influence and motivate medication adherence, vitals monitoring, therapy scheduling, and more.

Secure Communications reach out to patients one-to- one or broadcast alerts beyond traditional phone and automated phone calls.

RxNetwork Lets You Team Up Anywhere, Anytime The RxNetwork secure, permission-based web portal enables Care Providers, Providers, and Case Managers to collaborate seamlessly to remotely setup, manage, communicate, and monitor all phases of treatment.
RxNetwork is Complete with Tools for Patients, too A secure web portal, a mobile app*, and text to web communication combine to allow patients to; manage medications, access health/wellness information and rewards, and communicate with the Care Team.

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