Embedded Software / Firmware Development

Our team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Embedded Systems Design, Development and Validation
  • Embedded Systems Software / Firmware Development
  • Development of the USB power delivery protocol stack and the device policy management
  • Micro-controller based firmware development
  • Device drivers development on USB and Ethernet

Our projects and consulting experience includes:

  • USB Data Logger which captures the data from Black Box and transfer it to PC over an USB interface.
  • Micro-controller based firmware development for Automotive Market Place.
  • Firmware development for a broadband wireless base station (BSC) and customer premise equipment (CPE).
  • Fiber Channel based Storage Area Network (SAN) systems.
  • Designed and developed device drivers for Ethernet compliant with Telogy DSP. Implemented Webserver in a phone for a remote Configuration and TFTP upload and download files through Ethernet connection.
  • Developed an NDIS device driver for the Infrared (IrDA) device on pen computer. The NDIS driver supports FIR and SIR modes and different communication speeds. The driver binds to the Windows Infrared protocol stack at the upper edge and allows the IrDA device to be used as a network adapter.
  • Development and support Android feature development and integration support in the areas of Camera, Browser, Telephony, Kernel, Modem, Power and Performance.
  • Automation/Validation Support in the areas of Android System Validation, Functional, UI and non-functional tests, feature and regression tests, field testing, Power/KPI/Stability automated and manual testing.
  • Windows Driver Development, C/C++/Java, Implement WPP tracing feature for Bluetooth driver for USB/UART interface. Perform refactoring and optimization of application module used to interact with Bluetooth driver stack.
  • ASIC design, FPGA/RTL Design – ARM based SoC, including AXI/ACE and APB bus protocols, HDL design with Verilog/SystemVerilog, ASIC and/or SoC design flows and methodology including CPF/UPF flows. Experience with industry standard RTL design, simulation, and formal verification tools. Scripting was done in Perl/TCL.
  • Mobile device testing, application testing including LTE or UMTS technology. Carrier Validation (AT&T, TMO and EMARA). Test automation using Python. Supported the Platform layer for Cisco Nexus family of switches. Worked on L2/L3 protocols MPLS, SR and worked on Online-diagnostics for the Catalyst 6500 Switch. Work was done using C/C++, Python, Linux and Cisco IOS/NXOS.

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