Application Management & Support

There is always a continuous requirement to install, modify and upgrade applications throughout any enterprise. We at Infobahn, go beyond merely managing and maintaining the existing applications. Our application management, maintenance and support processes ensure that systems are flexible to meet evolving demands of client business, and provide measurable improvements to maximize partners IT investments.

Infobahn has the expertise to manage complete application platforms for clients across various technology domains. This includes day-to-day business operations of applications as well as managing the underlying IT infrastructure and networks. Today, applications and platforms require more agile on-going management and maintenance processes than traditional applications.

Oracle Applications Managed Service

An Oracle Applications Managed Service typically comprises both Oracle Applications DBA Support and Oracle Applications Functional Support, however, many organizations also turn to Infobahn to eliminate the technology risk in deploying and maintaining enterprise applications, helping our clients focus more on the business drivers influencing profitability and growth. Our Oracle Applications DBAs will make sure to keep an Oracle environment well tuned, up and running, and upgraded to the current software versions. Our Functional Consultants are there to help you maximize the value you get from the application, assist with streamlining your business processes and help you achieve compliance.

Our services are flexible and cater to the varied requirements of our clients. We have created different service levels to enable complete outsourcing of the Oracle databases and applications. Infobahn’s services provide proactive monitoring of all Oracle databases and applications at our client’s locations, and alert the client about any potential system issues prior to their occurrence.

Application Support

We provide 24×7 on-call support for application support services, to resolve high severity problems to keep your applications available for your business. Support

Infobahn understands that to best leverage your investment in your people, processes and Salesforce CRM solution, you need cost-effective and skilled support that can take care of your needs right now. We offer rapid-response and quickly learn what drives your business, making us more than just a technical resource – we become a valuable member of your team.

Infobahn offer affordable, reliable SalesForce support services provided by our seasoned administrators and developers. We perform proactive monitoring, maintenance, administration, user training, and help desk activities so that our customers can focus on their core business. We offer a number of flexible support options so that our customers can select the most
cost-effective plan based on their needs, from part-time administrator to full-time support for special projects that occasionally arise. Talk to us to receive a complimentary, no-obligation assessment and consultation on SalesForce support services.

Cloud Applications Support

Since there is no hardware or infrastructure software to manage, there is significantly less overall effort involved in maintaining cloud applications. However, because flexibility and innovation are among the primary benefits of cloud applications, an organization that simply “maintains” cloud applications is only realizing a fraction of the potential benefits.

Infobahn offers Cloud Management & Support to help enterprises maintain, enhance and monitor cloud applications as well as custom mobile applications.

Cloud Applications Services

Whilst many traditional hosting companies purport to provide Cloud Services, Infobahn believes that true value for today’s progressive organization comes from the utilization of Managed Cloud Services.

Many companies have now made the transition to managed cloud services for various reasons. Our Cloud managed services allow you to outsource all or part of your infrastructure to the Infobahn team, assured that your data and files will be safe, secure and managed by professionals. We understand how important it is to trust a company with your important business systems and information, which is why we provide a transparent service so you know exactly what is happening with your data and infrastructure.

Infobahn’s cloud managed services feature application expertise, flexible cloud architecture and a high level of dedicated service which will ensure that your infrastructure is always in the safest hands.

With managed cloud services from Infobahn, you can be sure that your infrastructure will be securely maintained by true experts who understand every level of enterprise applications. No matter the size of your business, we will have the perfect managed cloud services for you. Contact us today for information on every aspect of our cloud services, including application managed services.

Services offered

  • Provide updates to the Cloud application configuration and development
  • Release Management: sandbox and regression testing before new platform releases
  • Provide ongoing administration of the cloud environment: user management etc.
  • Management of business rules, reports, workflows, or object configuration changes
  • Level 2 tech support, escalations and knowledge base
  • Upkeep and monitoring of integrations across cloud and on-premise applications

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